Group Holiday Party December 2019

Group Holiday Party December 2018

Group Holiday Party December 2018

Group BBQ June 2017

 Ford Group 50th Reunion

Ford Group 50th Reunion

Group 2016 BBQ

Ford Group BBQ June 2016

Advances in Inorganic Chemistry

"Carbon disulfide. Just toxic or also bioregulatory and/or therapetic." Cover art by Peter Allen.

Ford Group Chistmas Party 2016

Ford Group Chistmas Party 2016

Contact Us

Ford Research Group
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Third Floor Lab: 805-893-8469
Laser Lab: 805-893-4732
Ford (PI): 805-893-2443

Labs & Offices
PSBN 3638, 3638A, 3650, 3650A, 3668, 4637

Maps & Directions
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Welcome to the Ford Group!

Our research is concerned with three major topics:

  1. The photochemistry and photophysics of transition metal complexes and the design of photochemical pathways for the delivery of bioactive compounds to appropriate targets
  2. The bioinorganic chemistry of nitric oxide and other small molecule bioregulators
  3. Sustainable catalytic chemistry, especially of reactions relevant to biomass conversion

While these topics sound rather diverse, the common theme is our interest in reaction mechanisms and in applications of quantitative techniques to investigate these systems. For more information, check out ourĀ research section.

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