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Dr. Ford in his office

Professor Peter C. Ford

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

University of California Santa Barbara

Office: PSBN 4649C

Labs: PSBN 3638, 3638A, 3650, 3650A, 3668, 4637

Phone: (805) 893-2443

Past Members & Alumni

Graduate Student Theses Supervised by PETER C. FORD

(Current professional position, or most recent information*)

"Thesis Title"

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1969   RICHARD E. CLARKE, M.A. (Financial Analyst, Ford Motor Co, retired)

"Organonitrile Analogs of Molecular Nitrogen Complexes."

1971   RICHARD D. FOUST, JR., Ph.D. (Professor of Chemistry - Former: Nor. Arizona U. - Current: James Madison U.)

I. "An NMR Study of Organonitriles Coordinated to Ruthenium(II) and Rhodium(III)."
II."The Reduction of Maleic and Furmaric Acids by Titanium."             

1971   DONALD A. CHAISSON, M.A. (Vice President, Alza Corp., retired)

"Photoaquation Quantum Yields of Pentaamminepyridine-ruthenium(II)."

1972   REBECCA J. ALLEN, Ph.D.  (Director, Analytical Services, Shakley Corp., deceased

"Kinetics of Ruthnium(II) Substitution Reactions." 
"Reactions with Various Pyridines and Organonitriles"

1974   RAY E. HINTZE, Ph.D. (Research Chemist, PG&E, retired)

"A Quantitative Study of the Photosubstitution and Photoredox Reactions of Pentaammineruthenium(II) Complexes."

1974   VINCENTE E. ALVAREZ, Ph.D. (Vice President for Research, Clorox Corp., retired

"Reactions of Ligands Coordinated to Ruthenium(II)."

1975   JOHN D. PETERSEN, Ph.D. (Former - President of the University of Tennessee system - Current - Exec. Director, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry)

"Photochemical and Photophysical Studies of Rhodium(III) Ammine Complexes."

1976   JOHN A. MARCHANT, M.A. (Aventis Pharma Limited, England, retired)

"Cyclic Voltammetry Investigation of Some Ruthenium (III/II) Complexes."

1977   VINCENT A. DURANTE, Ph.D. (Manager Technology/Science Group, Alloy Surfaces, Inc.)

"Flash Photolysis Rate Studies of the Redox and Substitution."
"Reactions of Photoinduced Transients from Ruthenium(II) Amine Complexes."

1977   GEORGE M. MALOUF, Ph.D.  (Vice President, Emissions Technology Inc.)

"Substituent and Solvent Effects on the Photochemistry of Ruthenium(II) Ammine Complexes of Nitrogen Heterocycles."

1977   TADASHI MATSUBARA, Ph.D. (Former Head of Industrial Analysis, Kodak - Japan, deceased)

I. "Electronic Spectra and Photochemistry of Ruthenium(II) and Osmium(II) Ammine Complexes." 
II. "Some Applications of Cyclic Voltammetry to the Reactions and Properties of Ruthenium Ammine Complexes."

1979   SERGIO A. MOYA, M.A. (Dean of Faculty, University Chile, Santiago, ret.)

"Homogeneous Catalysts of the Water Gas Shift Reaction:  A Search for New Systems in Basic Media."

1979   MEHDI TALEBINASAB-SARVARI, Ph.D. (Faculty, Isfahan University of Technology, Iran)

"Photochemical and Photophysical Properties of Iridium(III) Ammine Complexes."

1980   MICHAEL BERGKAMP, Ph.D., Co-supervisor: R.J. Watts (Group Leader, IBM San Jose) 

"Photochemical and Photophysical Studies of the Excited State Dynamics of Rhodium(III) Ammine Complexes."

1981   HOWARD W. WALKER, Ph.D., Co-supervisor: R.G. Pearson (Science Applications International Corp., San Diego) 

"Rates of Deprotonation and pKa Values of Some Transition Metal Carbonyl Hydrides in Methanol."

1982   DOUGLAS A. SEXTON, Ph.D.  (Research Scientist, Hewlett Packard Corp.)

I.   "Ligand Effects on the Dynamics of Ligand Field Excited States of Rhodium(III) Ammines."
II.  "The Outer-Sphere Ligand to Metal Change Transfer Photochemistry of Pentaammine-Pyridineruthenium (III) Halide Ion Pairs."

1982   WAYNE R. TIKKANEN, Ph.D., Co-supervisor: W.C. Kaska (Professor, California State University, Los Angeles)

"Dinucleating Ligands Utilizing 1,8-Naphthyridine as the Bridging Unit:  Complexes with Copper and Rhodium."

1983   MALCOLM FINLAYSON, Ph.D., Co-supervisor: R.J. Watts (Research Chemist, Dow Chemical, Houston)

"Electronically Induced Ring Twisting in Iridium(III) Bipyridines."

1983   DAVID C. GROSS, Ph.D. (Manager, General Electric Corp., New York, ret.)

"Reaction Kinetics of the Nucleophilic Activation of Coordinated Carbon Monoxide in Mono and Trinuclear Complexes of Iron, Ruthenium and Osmium."

1983   MARC F. DESROSIERS, Ph.D. (Principal Investigator, National Institute for Standards & Technology, ret.)

"Mechanistic Studies of the Photoreactions of Dodecacarbonyltriruthenium and its Derivatives."

1984   MARK E. FRINK, Ph.D. (Project Engineer, Northrup Grumman Corp., ret.)

"Excited State Dynamics of Rhodium(III) and Iridium(III) Ammine and Cyanide Complexes."

1985   DAVID A. WINK, Ph.D.  (Deputy Director for Translational Science, Cancer Inflammation Program, National Cancer Institute )

"A Flash Photolysis Investigation of Catalytically Active Rhodium, Iridium and Ruthenium Complexes."

1985   JOHN A. DiBENEDETTO, Ph.D. (Research Scientist, Specialized Technologies Lab, Santa Barbara, CA)

"The Effects of High Pressure on the Photochemistry and Photophysics of d6 Metal Complexes."

1985   DOUGLAS J. TAUBE, Ph.D. (ALS Chemistry Laboratory Manager, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

"Reactivities of Intermediates Relevant to the Water Gas Shift Reaction."

1986   ALVARO J. PARDEY, Ph.D. (Professor, Universidad Central de Venezuela, ret.)

"Homogeneous Catalysis of the Water Gas Shift Reaction by Rhodium Complexes in Aqueous Heterocyclic Amine Solutions."

1986   DAVID VANDENBERG, Ph.D.  (Lab Safety Manager, EH&S, UCSB, ret.)

"Catalysis Reactions of Indium Carbonyl Clusters."

1986   KATHERINE O. JIMISON, M.S. (Faculty, Cuesta College) 

"The pKa Values of Some Substituted Iron Carbonyl Hydrides in Aqueous Methanol."

1988   ALAN E. FRIEDMAN, Ph.D. (Faculty, University of Rochester Medical School, Rochester, NY)

"Mechanistic Investigations of the Photoreactions of HRu3(CO)10(mCOCH3)."

1989   TYRENA K. CHIN, Ph.D.  (Staff Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History)

"Kinetics Study, Spectral Characterization and Structural Determination of Substituted and Nucleophilic Adducts of  Ru3(CO)12."

1989   CRISTINA SPILLETT, Ph.D., Co-supervisor: R.G. Pearson (Manager, Chlorox Corp., ret.)

I.  "Flash Photolysis Investigations of Rhodium(I) Phosphine Complexes."
II. "Acid Equilibrium Studies of Rhodium(I) and Iridium(I) Complexes."

1989   KEVIN R. KYLE, Ph.D. (Research Scientist, Specialized Technologies Lab, Santa Barbara, CA, deceased

"Photophysical Studies of the Excited State Dynamics of the Tetranuclear Copper (I) Complex Cu4I4(py)4."

1991   DANIEL R. CRANE, Ph.D.  (Professor/Dean, Northwestern College, St. Paul, MN)

"The Effects of High Pressure on the Photophysics of Transition Metal Complexes."

1991   LAWRENCE J. McCLURE, JR., Ph.D. (Practicing Attorney, Los Angeles, ret.)

"Ligand Macrocyle Effects on the Photophysical Properties of Rhodium(III) Tetraamines."

1991   BENEDITO DOS SANTOS LIMA NETO, Ph.D. - Dissertation submitted to the Instituto de Fisica e Quimica de Sao Carlos, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil (Faculty, University of Sao Paulo, Sao Carlos Campus, Brazil) 

"Reacao de Delocamento do Gas D'Agua: Studos de Catalisadores Homogeneos de Complexos de Metals do Gropo da Platina."

1991   DAVID W. RYBA, Ph.D.  (Faculty, Citrus College, CA)

"An Investigation of Coordinatively Unsaturated Metal Carbonyls, Using Time-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy."

1992   JEROME LILLIS, Ph.D. (Research Scientist, Coca-Cola, previously Fuji Chemicals)

"An Investigation of the Nucleophilic Activation of Ru3(CO)12."

1993   MARCELLO VITALLE, Ph.D. (Manager, IVM Chemicals, Italy)

"Photophysical and ab initio studies of copper(I) halide clusters CunXnLm."

1994   JERALD A. SIMON, Ph.D. (Faculty, Frostberg State University, Cumberland, MD)

"Photophysical and Ab Initia Studies of Copper(I) Monomeric Complexes with Nitrogen Bound Ligands."

1995   MILLAN MZWANDILE MDLELENI, Ph.D. (Research Scientist, South African Oil Co., South Africa)

"Catalytic and Spectroscopic Properties of Some Platinum Group Metal Complexes."

1996   KATRINA M. MIRANDA, Ph.D. (Faculty member, University of Arizona)

"The Synthesis, Characterization and Investigation of the Thermal and Photochemical Properties of Novel Metal Nitrosyl Porphyrins."    

1996   SUSAN E. BOGGS, Ph.D. (Staff Research Position, Sandia National Laboratory)

"Synthesis and Photochemical Studies of Iron and Ruthenium Nitrosyl Coordination Compounds."

1996   KAREN McFARLANE, Ph.D.  (Faculty member, Willamette University)

"Structural and Mechanistic Investigations of Iron Carbonyl Intermediates Relevant to Migratory Insertion Reactions."

1997   LAUREA LUCIA MAINI (Professoressa associata, Univ. Bologna) Thesis presented to the Faculta' di Scienze, Dipartimento di Chimica "G. Ciamician", Universita di Bologna (Italy) based on studies at UCSB, Relatore: V. Balzani

"Sintesi e Studio delle Proprieta' forofisiche di  Complessi del Rame(1) con Alogeni."

1997   DAT TRAN, Ph.D. (Y.I.Venture)

"Photophysical and Redox Properties of some Copper Complexes."

1997   BRIAN LEE, Ph.D. (Environmental Protection Agency)

"Investigation of the Photochemical Properties of Ruthenium Nitrosyl Porphyrins."

1998   JAMES BOURASSA, Ph.D. (Senior Scientist and Group Leader, TransForm Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA)

"Photochemical Studies of Iron-Sulfur-Nitrosyls:  Roussin's Salts and Related Compounds."

1998   JON S. BRIDGEWATER, Ph.D. (Senior Scientist, Los Alamos National Labs)

"Mechanistic Investigations of Rhodium(I) Complexes Relevant to C-H Activation Reactions."

1998   MALCOLM A. De LEO, Ph.D. (Vice President, Daymon Worldwide)

"The Synthesis and Photochemistry of Chromium(III) Nitritio Systems: Delivery of NO by the Nitrito Mechanism." 

1999   LEROY E. LAVERMAN, Ph.D. (Teaching Professor, UCSB)

"Investigations of Bond Making and Bond Breaking Processes in Metal Nitrosyl and Carbonyl Porphyrins."

2001 CARMEN WORKS, Ph.D. (Professor, Sonoma State University)

“Synthesis, Characterization, and Photochemistry of Ruthenium Nitrosyl Complexes for Use as Nitric Oxide Donors.”

2002   JON MARHENKE, Ph.D.   (Faculty member, Butte College)

"Time Resolved Spectroscopic Studies of Reactive Intermediates in Cobalt and Rhodium Catalyzed Alkene and Alcohol Carbonylations"

2002   CHRISTA L. CONRADO, Ph.D. (Analytical Chemist, University of Maine)

"Photochemical and Photophysical Study of Fe-S Nitrosyl Clusters:  Potential NO Delivery Compounds."

2003   FRANK DeROSA, Ph.D. (Research Scientist, Enzon Pharmaceuticals)

"Chromium(III) Cyclam-Type Complexes with Pendant Chromophores:  New Nitric Oxide Delivery Systems."

2003   MAURIZIO VOLPE, Ph.D. - Thesis submitted to the U. Palermo, Italy including work partially carried out at UC Santa Barbara (Faculty Position, U. Palermo)

"Synthesis and reactivity of heteronuclear metal carbonyls: [HCr(CO)5]/Ln(Acac)3.3H2O (Ln= Sm or Yb) and [HCr(CO)5]-/Cu(Acac)2."

2004   BERNADETTE O. FERNANDEZ, Ph.D. (Staff Researcher, University of Southampton School of Medicine, UK) 

"Reduction of Ferrihemes by Nitric Oxide.  Pathways of Reductive Nitrosylation and Catalysis by Base and Nitrite."

2004   JAMES C. PATTERSON, Ph.D. (Faculty, University of Alabama, Birmingham)

"Computational studies of some metalloporphyrins and of the aqueous autoxidation of nitric oxide."

2004   MARK D. LIM, Ph.D. (Vice President, ASN Alliance for Kidney Health)

"Mechanistic Studies Aimed at Understanding the Interactions of Various Nitrogen Oxides with Iron, Copper, and Chromium Model Complexes."  

2005   BIRGIT BIRKMANN, Diploma thesis - submitted to Universität Muenster, Co-supervisor: E. Hahn  (Graduate Student, U. Muenster) 

"The synthesis and photochemical studies of a nitrite bound ruthenium salen complex."

2005   MATTHEW SANGYUP LEE,  M.S.  (Research Scientist, Exelixis, Inc.)

"Synthesis, Electrochemistry, and Photochemistry of various Iron Nitrosyl Corrole Complexes."

2005  CRISJOE JOSEPH,  Ph.D.  (Lecturer, UCSB)

"Attempted Photogeneration of Nitroxyl from Iron Nitrosyl Corroles and Osmium Nitroxyl Complexes."

2006   STEPHEN R. WECKSLER, Ph.D. (Boehringer-Ingelheim, Fremont, CA)

"Photochemical and Photophysical Investigations of Dye Derivatized Iron Sulfur Nitrosyl Compounds. Photochemical Production of Nitric Oxide via Single and Two Photon Excitation." 

2007   DANIEL NEUMAN, Ph.D. (Chemistry & Materials Group Leader, Global Prior Art, Boston, MA)

"Photochemical and Photophysical Investigations of Newly Designed Supramolecular Structurse Composed of Quantum Dots and Nitric Oxide Donors."

2007   VERA JANOWSKI, Diploma thesis - submitted to the Universität Muenster, Co-supervisor: H. Eckert

"Experimental Appraches to the Ruthenium Analogues of the Roussin's Red Salt Esters by CO/NO Exchange."   

2008   CHOSU KHIN, Ph.D. (State of California EPA)

"Reaction of Nitric Oxide Species with Metal Centered Macrocyclic Complexes."

2009   GERALD S. MACALA II, Ph.D. (Allergan Inc., Santa Barbara, CA)

"Catalytic Tranformations of Biomass Substrates Using Mixed Metal Oxides Derived from Substitued Hydrotalcites."

2009   BRIDGET T. OWENS, Ph.D. (Continental Tire Inc., Germany)

"Investigation of Ruthenium Salen Nitro and Nitrosyl Complexes as Photochemical Nitric Oxide Precursors."

2009   R. DALE RIMMER, Ph.D. (U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Washington, DC)

"Photochemical and Photophysical Investigations of Photoactive Water Soluble Carbon Monoxide Releasing Molecules."

2009   RYAN ABSALONSON, Ph.D.  (Allergan Inc., Irvine, CA)

"Exploring the Photochemistry of a Nitric Oxide Generating Chromium Nitrito Complex at Longer Wavelengths."

2010   ALEXIS D. OSTROWSKI, Ph.D.  (Faculty member, Bowling Green University, OH)

"Photochemical Studies on Cr(III) Cyclam Complexes:  Photosensitization with Semicoductor Quantum Dots and Nitric Oxide Release."

2011   MADELINE A. WEBER,  M.S. (Staff position, Boston University, Boston, MA)

"The Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Vicinal Diols by the Casey-Shvo Catalyst."

2011   JULIE LYNN HEINECKE, Ph.D. (European Molecular Biology Laboratory)

"Filling in the Cross-word Puzzle:  Evaluation of Various Routs to Ferrous Nitrosyl Formation."

2012   THEODORE D. MATSON, Ph.D.  (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Virginia)

"Catalytic Conversion of Woody Biomass to Small Molecules."

2013   PETER T. BURKS, Ph.D. (CEO, ActiveLife Scientific)

"Semiconductor quantum dots and upconverting nanoparticles as sensitizers for the photochemical delivery of nitric oxide."

2013  JOHN V. GARCIA, Ph.D. Researcher, UCSB

"Conjugate systems utilizing Roussin's Salts for Nitric Oxide delivery."

2014  AGUSTIN E. PIERRI, Ph.D. (Weck Laboratories, City of Industry, Los Angeles, CA) 

"Expanding the arsenal: developing novel photoCORMs and delivery systems tailored for biological applications."

2014 MEREDITH CRISALLI, Ph.D. (Scientist at EAG Laboratories)

"Ruthenium Nitrosyl Salen and Salophen PhotoNORMS: Biological Studies and Applications towards Small Molecule Delivery Platforms." 



2017 ANTHONY DEMARTINO, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Fellow, Univ Pittsburgh School of Medicine)

Carbon Disulfide: A Potential Small Molecule Bioregulator

2017 MICHAEL EVANS, M.A.  (Harvard U. Bioengineering, now Poseida Therapeutics.)

Macrophage-Mediated Drug Delivery for Inflammation Based Diseases

2017 CHRISTOPHER M. BERNT, Ph.D. (Lecturer, UCSB)

Heterogenous Inorganic Bond-Breaking Catalysts: Applications in Biomass Conversion and Photochemical Small Molecule Delivery.

2017 MEGAN A. CHUI, Ph.D. (research scientist, Tricida, inc)

Developing a new array of sustainable hydrotalcites as catalysts for the selective reductive disassembly of lignin model compounds.

2018 PO-JU (BRUCE) HUANG, Ph.D. (Senior Scientist in Becton Dickinson, Inc)

From Nano to Micro: Versatile Strategies for Near-Infrared Light-controlled Nitric Oxide Delivery and Their Therapeutic Applications.

2018 ZHI LI, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral fellow at the Molecular Foundry, LBNL)

Toward Long Wavelength Absorption: Dinuclear Photo-activated CO Releasing Moieties.

2019 JACOB A. BARRETT Ph.D. (Chancellor’s Postdoctoral fellow at the UC San Diego)

Investigations of reaction pathways for catalytic biomass disassembly, ethanol condensation, and carbon monoxide releasing molecules.

Postdoctoral Students of PETER C. FORD

1971-72   BERNARD J. BRENNAN (Ph.D., '71, U Pittsburgh), NIH Fellow

                After UCSB: faculty, Santa Barbara City College

1971-72   NED B, EGAN (Ph.D., '71, U Connecticut)

                After UCSB: Staff member, University of Arizona

1972-75   ANDREW ZANELLA (Ph.D. '70, Stanford)

                After UCSB:  Professor of Chemistry, Joint Science Dept. Claremont Colleges

1974-76   RICHARD M. LAINE (Ph.D. '73, U Southern California)

                After UCSB: Professor of Materials Science and Chemistry, Univ. of Michigan

1976-78   CHARLES UNGERMANN (Ph.D., '75, Indiana U)

                After UCSB: Research Chemist, Kaiser Aluminum

1978-79   HAIM COHEN (Ph.D., '75, Weizman Institute of Science)

                After UCSB: Professor of Chemistry, University of Beersheva, Isreal

1979-80   MASATO NISHIZAWA (Ph.D., '79, Tohoku U, Japan)

                After UCSB: Research Scientist, Fuji Electric , Japan

1979-82   PAUL I.W. YARROW (Ph.D., '79, Univ. of Sussex, England)

                After UCSB: Plant Manager, Ciba-Gigy Inc., Glasgow Scotland

1981        DR. YVES DUCOMMUN (U Lausanne, Switzerland) - Swiss NSF Fellow

                After UCSB: Faculty, Univ. of Lausanne, Switzerland

1982-85   RAY TRAUTMAN (Ph.D., '80, Trinity College, Dublin)

                After UCSB:  Professor, Dept of Chemistry, San Francisco State Univeristy

1982-85   VALERIE ARKLE (Ph.D., '82, Pennsylvania State U)

                After UCSB: Full time Homemaker, Thousand Oaks, CA

1982-83   MARTIN ANSTOCK (Ph.D., '82, Institute für Technische und Petrol Chemie, Aachen, Germany)

                After UCSB: Plant Manager, Bayer Corp, Vitoria, Spain

1983-84   WALTER WEBER (Ph.D., '83, U Frankfurt) (NATO Fellow)

                After UCSB: Director of Research Sun Chemical, Germany

1984-85   YOUNG KEUN CHUNG (Ph.D., '83, Brown U)

                After UCSB: Professor of Chemistry, Seoul National University, Korea

1985-86   YUN-YEN YANG (Ph.D., '85, UCLA)

1986-87   ANDRZEJ ROKICKI (Ph.D., '73, Poland)

                After UCSB: Manager, Research and Development, United Catalysts, Inc

1987-88   JOHN DiBENEDETTO (Ph.D., '85, U of California, Santa Barbara)

                After UCSB:  Research Scientist , Bechtel Nevada Corp. Santa Barbara

1988-89   DAVID VANDENBERG (Ph.D., '86, U of California, Santa Barbara)

                After UCSB:  Staff Position,  EH&S UCSB

1989-91   SIMON BELT (Ph.D., '88, U of York, England) - SERC-NATO Fellow

                After UCSB: Faculty position in England (University of Plymouth)                      

1989-92   CHONG RYU (Ph.D., '88, Wayne State U)

                After UCSB:  Faculty position, Korea National University for Education,

1991        ANDERS DØSSING (University of Copenhagen) - Danish NRC Postdoctoral Fellow

                After UCSB: Faculty position, University of Copenhagen

1992-95   WILLIAM BOESE (Ph.D., '92, Rutgers U.)

                After UCSB: employed by BOC in Murray Hill, NJ

1993-94   ELSPETH LINDSAY (Ph.D., '93, Concordia U)

                After UCSB: Research position, Calgary University

1994-95   Leo Van Wullen (Ph.D., '94, U. Muenster) -  F. Lyman Fellow

                After UCSB:  Faculty Member, U. Muenster, Germany

1995-02   IVAN LORKOVIC (Ph.D., '95 MIT)

                After UCSB:  Raytheon Corp.

1996-97   MARIANNE RIKLIN (Ph.D. '96, U Fribourg) - Swiss NSF Fellow

                After UCSB:  QA Chemist at Siegfried Pharmaceuticals in Zofingen, Switzerland

1997-98   ELENA CARIATI (Ph.D. '97, U. Milano) - NATO Fellow

                After UCSB:  Faculty member University of Milano

1997-01   STEVE MASSICK (Ph.D. '96, U. Utah)

                After UCSB: Southwest Sciences, Inc, Sante Fe, NM

1999        KEN CAPPS (Ph.D. '99, U. Miami)

                After UCSB: Walter Reed Army Hospital

2000        LEROY LAVERMAN (Ph.D. '99, UCSB)

                After UCSB: more UCSB - Senior lecturer

2000        KEN DEDEIAN (Ph.D. '98, UCSB)

                After UCSB: Faculty, Delaware Valley College

2003-04   ENRIQUE LOZANO DIZ  (Ph.D. U. Neu Chateau, Switzerland)

                After UCSB: Perkin Elmer LAS, LTD, UK

2004        MAURIZIO VOLPE  (Ph.D. U. Palermo)

                After UCSB: U. Palermo


                After UCSB: Faculty, Republic Poly, Singapore

2006        CHRISTIAN HOLTGREWE  (Ph.D. U. Muenster) - Humboldt Fellow

                After UCSB: Henkel KGaA, Düsseldorf, Germany

2008-10   DAVID ZIGLER (Ph.D. '08, VA Tech)

                After UCSB: Assistant Prof., Cal Poly SLO

2008-10   KATALIN BARTA (Ph.D. '08, RWTH Aachen U)

                After UCSB: Faculty, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, the Netherlands

2012        MOJGAN ROUSHAN (Ph.D. '12, Rutgers U) 

                After UCSB: Lecturer at California State University, Channel Islands

2011-13   JOSÉ CLAYSTON MELO PEREIRA  (Ph.D. '11, U São Paulo)

                After UCSB: A. Professor at the Universidade Estadual de São Paulo, Araraquara City, Brazil

2014-16   JOHN V. GARCIA (Ph.D. '13, UCSB)

                After UCSB: Contractor, Santa Barbara

2015-16    GUSTAVO METZKER (Ph.D. '13, U São Paulo)

                 After UCSB: Universidade de São Paulo, São Carlos, Brazil

2016-17   MAYKON DE SOUZA (Ph.D. 'xx, U São Paulo)

                 After UCSB: Universidade de São Paulo, São Carlos, Brazil

2016-17   LEANDRO RAVARO (Ph.D. 'xx, U São Paulo)

                 After UCSB: Universidade de São Paulo, São Carlos, Brazil

2017-18   DANIELLA RAMOS TRUZZI (Ph.D. 'xx, U São Paulo)

                 After UCSB: Assist.t Professor Univ. de São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil 

Visiting Faculty

1977               Prof. AKIRA OHYOSHI, Kumanoto U, Japan (6 mo)

1978               Prof. VINCENT LANDIS, San Diego State Univ. (1 yr)

1979               Dr. ELIA TFOUNI, Univ. Sao Paulo, Brazil - CNPq Fellow (2 yr)

1979               Dr. BERNADETTE DIVISIA, Centre des Etudes Nucleaires de Grenoble, France - NATO Fellow

1979               Prof. LEIF SKIBSTED, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural U, Denmark (1yr)

1980               Dr. T.M. SUZUKI, Government Industrial Research Institute, Sendai, Japan (1 yr)

1982               Prof. DOUGLAS FRANCO, Univ. of São Paulo, Brazil

1983               Prof.  HAROLD GOODWIN, U New S. Wales, Australia - Fullbright Fellow (1 yr)

1984               Prof. ARND VOGLER, U of Regensburg, Germany (5 mo)

1988               Prof. AD OSKAM, U of Amsterdam, Netherlands (6 mo)

1989               Prof. JON SONGSTAD, Univ. Bergen, Norway (6 mo)

1990               Prof. KONSTANTINE BALASHEV, Herzen Pedagogical Inst. Leningrad, USSR

1992, 94-96    Dr. SETSUKO KUDO, Tohoko University,  Sendai, Japan (Now at the University of Tokyo)

1998-99          Prof. ELIZEU TRABUCO, EUSP, Rio Preto, Brazil

2001               Prof. CEYHAN KAYRAN, Middle Eastern Technical U., Turkey

2001               Prof. ANDREW ZANELLA, Claremont Colleges

2001-02          Prof. M. EMRAH KILINC, Ege University, Turkey

2003, 2010     Dr. TIGRAN KURTIKYAN, Armenia

2003-04          Dr. KIYOSHI TSUGE, Univ. Hokkaido, Japan

2004               Dr. ANDERS DOESSING, Copenhagens Univ.

2004-13          Prof. ALEXEI IRETSKI, Lake Superior State Univ.

2006               Prof. KEN CAULTON, Indiana University

2006               Prof. ROBERTO SANTANA da SILVA, Univ. of Sao Paulo, Brazil

2009-10          Prof. PAUL WAGENKNECHT, Furman University

2010-11          Prof. MEHDI AMIRNASR, Isfahan University of Technology

2010-11          Dr. SORAIA  MEGHDADI, Isfahan University of Technology

2012-13          Prof. YUE SHUMEI, Changchun Normal University of China

2012-13          Prof.  MAURICIO BOSCOLO, UNSEP, Sao Jose do Rio Preto, SP, Brazil

2013               Prof. RUI-MIN HAN, Renmin University of China

2013               Prof. BIN LI, Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2014-15          TAKAYASU AZUMI, Japan Patent Office

2015-16          Prof. ALDA KARINE MEDEIROS HOLANDA DE SOUSA, Universidade Federal do Ceará, Brazil - CNPq Fellow

2015-16          Prof. JACKSON RODRIGUES DE SOUSA, Universidade Federal do Ceará, Brazil - CNPq Fellow

2016-17          Prof. XUEPING DANG, Hubei Univeristy, China - 

2017-18 Prof. QIN JIANG, Jiangsu Ocean University, Lianyungang, China
2018-19 Prof. DONGYUN ZHENG, South-Central University for Nationalities, Wuhan, China.
2018-19 Prof. XIUJUAN JIANG, Jiaxing University, Jiaxing, P.R. China.

Visiting International Students (Graduate and Undergraduate)

1989-91          ROSE M. CARLOS   (M.S. Student from USP, Ribierao Preto, Brazil) - CNPq Fellow

1990, 93         FRANK SABIN (Ph.D. Student from U Regensburg) - DFG Fellow       

1995-96          LUCIA MAINI (Graduate Student from U. Bologna, Italy)

1998               LARS ANDREASEN (Ph.D. Student from U. Odense, Denmark)

1999               CHRISTIAN EGLER  (Undergraduate Student from U. Muenster, Germany)

1999               STEFAN ELBERS  (Undergraduate Student from U. Muenster, Germany)

1999-00          TORSTEN BUTTNER (Diploma Student from U. Jena, Germany)

2000               KATRIN WEDELING   (Undergraduate Student from U. Muenster, Germany)

2000               CHRISTOPH JOCKER (Undergraduate Student from U. Muenster, Germany)

2001               VERENA MERTENS (Undergraduate Student from U. Muenster, Germany)

2002               MAURIZIO VOLPE (Ph.D. Student from U. Palermo, Italy)

2004-05          BIRGIT BIRKMAN  (Diploma Student from U. Muenster, Germany)

2004-05          FABIAN BULLER  (Undergraduate Student from U. Muenster, Germany)

2004-05          REBECCA BLOMBERG (Undergraduate Student from U. Muenster, Germany)

2006-07          VERA JANOWSKI DIPLOME (M.S. Student from U. Muenster, Germany)

2007               HEINRICH RICHTER  (Undergraduate Student from U. Muenster, Germany)

2007               SEBASTIAN DUECK   (Undergraduate Student from U. Muenster, Germany)

2008, 2011     JOHANNES DETHLEFSEN  (Ph.D. Student from U. Copenhagen, Denmark)

2007               ASH WRIGHT (Undergraduate Student from U. Sheffield, England)

2008               TIAN RONG (Ph.D. Student from Lanzhou U., China)

2009-10          ELISA TORDIN (Ph.D. Student from U. Milano, Italy)

2011               HENDRIK FRISCH (Undergraduate Student from U. Muenster, Germany)

2012-13          EMMA NORMAN (Undergraduate Student from U. Southampton, England)

2012               CHRISTOPHER STEIN  (Diploma Student from U. Goettingen, Germany)

2013               LILLIAN FRANCO (Ph.D. Student from U. Sao Paulo - Brazil) -CNPq Fellow

2013               CHENGYI HU (Undergraduate Student from Xiamen University)

2013-14          GO NAKAMURA (Ph.D. Student from the Graduate U. of Adv. Studies - Sokendai)

2014               FELIX BRUNNER (Master's Student from U. Basel, Switzerland)

2014               HUSSAYA MANEESUWAN [WAN] (Ph.D. Student from Chulalongkorn U. - Bankok, Thailand)

2015               CHENYUE (KEVIN) SUN (Undergraduate Student from U. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, PRC)

2015               FERNANADA PALMEIRA BEATRIZ (Undergraduate Student from Universidade Federal de Sergipe, Brazil)

2016               NORA SCHOPP (Diploma Student from RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

2018               KEANU VINCENT ALEXANDER BIRKELBACH (Diploma Student from RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

2018-19 CHONGBO CHENG (Ph.D. student from Southeast University, Nanjing, China)
2019-20 SIMIN LI (Ph.D. student from Zhejiang Univ., Hangzhou 310058, P.R. China)

Undergraduate Students** 

1968               CHRIS SUTTON

1968               DAN MCDONALD

1969               DAN STUERMER

1976               JEFF CURTIS (UNC)

1985               JANET MORROW (UNC)

1985               ANDY HAALAND

1986               ANDREAS ANDREATTA

1987               VINCE CATALANO (UCD)

1993               ERIC POOLMAN

1993               BOB BRAINARD (UNC)

1994               GENTLE WINTER

1995               BRANDON SHULMAN

1995               ARI NADER

1996               DEBBIE RICHARDS

1998               JASON BENTOW

1999               GWEN BART

2000               VERONICA REYES



2003-2005      ROBERT RADFORD (UCSD)

2004               JULIA CAJICA



2006-2007      ANDREW ROBERTSON



2009               ROBBIE LEWIS and MAKALA FETTIG

2010-2012      JASON TILLMAN (UCSD)

2012-2013      JAMES STANFILL (Univ. of Arizona) and RICARDO GONZALEZ (UCSD)

2013               DANIELLE HAMANN

2012-2014      ELIZABETH 'Lizard' LEVY (UCSF) and AIDAN FENWICK

2014               JULIA PETERSON

2014-2015      ANTHONY TRAN

2015               KEVIN PASCUAL

2016               GRACE HUBBELL

2017               CRAIG STICKELMAIER

2017               ROBERT LOTHRINGER

2017-2020      YINGXIA "APRIL" XIA

2018-2020      LOC NGO

2019-20          EMILY WEIN

2019-20          JIWENRUI MA

2020              MADALYN PHAN

2020              KITTY MA

2020              AO JIAO

**This list is incomplete and the dates were compiled from memory.  If you would to offer additons or corrections please contact Peter Ford.  Dates represent estimated graduation year.  In parenthases: if known, graduate school attended for physical sciences program.